Holiday Boarding

Here at sprowston guinea pig rescue we prefer to keep as much cage space as possible free for taking in unwanted or abandoned pets so most holiday boarding is done with Costa del Fidos. Here at the rescue we act as an overflow for boarding pets and can offer large spacious accomodation for guinea pigs and rabbits. Costa del fidos is located in Hellesdon, just a couple of miles away from us. Their rates are listed below. If they are full please contact us (01603 415429) to make other arrangements.

COSTA-DEL-FIDO Boarding service for small pets

Tariff from 1st Oct 2006

Budgies, canaries and finches: £7.00 per week (2nd and subsequent pet half weekly rate)

Cockatiels and lovebirds: £9.00 per week

Hamsters, gerbils, mice : £7.00 per week (2nd and subsequent pet half weekly rate)

Guinea pigs: £10.00 per week

Rabbits: £20.00 per week

Contact Costa del fidos on 01603 487492

Recommended vets

Companion Care (Norwich) Ltd,

Pets at Home, Sprowston Retail Park, Salhouse Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR7 9AZ.

Telephone: 24 HR 01603 484359


We use this veterinary practice for all the animals here at the rescue. They frequently neuter rabbits and guinea pigs for us and have done many other small animal surgeries.