Please think very carefully before getting a new pet. Rabbits and guinea pigs can easily live for 7 years or more and you must be prepared to care for them all their lives. We do not rehome rabbits and guinea pigs together as they are different species and are not suitable companions. If you have a rabbit or a guinea pig we advise you get it a friend of its own kind. No matter what the age or sex it is always possible to find them a friend. Please ask us for advice, we are happy to help. If you adopt an animal from us and are no longer able to keep it we ask that it is returned to us. If you are a breeder, dont even bother to contact us. The animals in our care have had a rough time and it would be unfare to breed with them. We also do not want to add to the ever increasing population of unwanted pets. A homecheck will be carried out before adoption. Click on the links on the left hand side to view the rabbits and guinea pigs we have availble for rehoming.


We rely on donations to help us look after the animals in our care which is why we must ask for a small fee when you adopt an animal from us.

Guinea pigs – minimum donation £15.00 each

Neutered guinea pigs – minimum donation £30.00 each

Neutered rabbits – minimum donation £40.00 each

Guinea pigs are bathed and wormed prior to adoption (Not babies). For a small donation you can return them to us every 3 months for worming, nail clipping and health check.

For health reasons ALL rabbits are neutered and homeopathicly vaccinated against myxomatosis and VHD before adoption.

If you would prefer conventional vaccines these can be done at cost.