Search Marketing Best Practices for Local SEO 2016

Due to the recent Google algorithm updates in August 2016, SEO has become even more difficult for those businesses in South Yorkshire, so you must adapt your digital marketing strategy to move with the times ahead.

Lets be honest, there’s lots of miss-information around the internet about what SEO is, and how it can or can’t help or harm your website and business.

The best way to sort the wheat from the chaff is to actually dig down into the people posting, and see if they have experience in the field, aka they’re writing from an informed position, as opposed to commenting on other peoples articles with an uninformed opinion.

So start off with their own personal websites, do they perform well in search, are they driving traffic for the person providing the search marketing services?

This is a good indication of whether or not they believe it’s a viable strategy, which shows integrity, something to trust in.

The next would be client performance during the last 6-10 months. As SEO is an ever changing industry, with Google moving the goal posts with algorithm updates on a regular basis, it’s important to look for recent success, as well as continued profitable success over time. Fancy logos look great on a company webpage selling search engine optimisation, but how long did they provide those services? Are the clients still reaping the rewards in mid 2016? These are all relevant questions that can help separate the fakers from the legitimate consultants.

As far as the UK is concerned, I provide search engine optimisation services to a range of companies throughout the country. I am currently based in Sheffield, but also consult with clients across areas including Leicestershire, London, and Lincolnshire.

E-commerce online marketing is a particularly interesting field, as it is both heavily focused on SEO, with the competition heavily focused on high ticket items, but also conversion focused, having to understand real marketing practices to get higher conversion rates to generate revenue.

If you can survive the various Google updates then there’s a good chance that you understand what you’re doing.

Obviously you cannot leave out having a social presence in 2016, especially having an engaged Twitter account, which is crucial as it is now fully indexed by Google.

Authored by Matt Jackson.