My New Leather Bag from Von Baer – It’s Changed My Work Life!

I recently bought a new leather briefcase for work, and I’m chuffed with it! So it inspired me to write this blog post about the origins of the leather bag, and then my review below. Enjoy!

Why go with leather for a bag?

In the same way that some people feel driven to spend their time seeking the Loch Ness monster to confirm it’s actual, I like to seek affordable, high-quality clothes in neutral shades that the average person could pay for.

Black leather briefcase

These days, the video camera bag business is thriving, helped in no tiny part by the flourishing popularity of mirrorless systems. Some come in flashy, vivid colors, while others go for a more underrated strategy.

The History of Leather Bags in the UK

The origins of this innovative receptacle can be traced back to the 14th century, when very early versions made from cloth were used to transport cash and also valuables. It had not been till the 1820s, when Parisian manufacturer Godillot generated a carpeting bag with an iron frame, that the standard brief-case would take form.

It wasn’t always like this, however.

If you looked really hard, you would eventually find a bag that was the best size for your requirements, or one that really did not look awful. When it came to developing a camera bag style was, for the many component, an unnecessary factor.

How I Like to Organise My Work Bag

The objective is established after is one I can most definitely obtain behind: “less, much better” things for a much better, leaner wardrobe. Declutter, keep the good stuff, buy better things as well as purchase less of them.

If I lost mine, I would likely buy it again and also in the exact same shade without much wincing. Two various other staff members, Ellen as well as Connie, have also had experiences with Cuyana leather (one with the traveling case established as well as miniature tassel bag and also one with the backpack), as well as both concurred that the quality of the leather and knock-out simpleness of the style are standouts. We likewise agreed that color was required to state.

My Review of Von Baer UK Leather Briefcases

Here it is, my brand new leather bag from! The first thing you notice when you open the box is the smell and feel of the leather, as I understand they use real full grain leather (also organic) for their products which is much more durable, and the black packaging just oozes quality.

The inner leather compartments are lined really well, using soft cloth with padding to protect my laptop as well. I need to store my notes in my briefcase as well as pens and laptop cables, so this larger model works really well for me.

I’m planning on using this everyday, which mean having the convenience of a strap was also essential. This Master No 3 model makes this very very easy. I highly recommend choosing Von Baer UK for a leather bag, or even a belt or wallet!

Environmentally Sustainable Cashmere Wraps Style Guide

winter cashmere wrap dark

The ideal knot in your headscarf will certainly not just make you look classy, it can likewise supply higher heat and also protection from the aspects. If you reside in the northern climates, the appropriate headscarf knot can conserve you from a bitter wintertime, as well as maybe even from a health problem. For best results, you ought to make use of a real winter season headscarf: a long, rectangle-shaped item of warm fabric, like woollen, fleece, or cashmere.

Attempt the easy Drape. This style of wear is perfect for an amazing climate. It’s easy to toss on or remove if the sun comes out and also heats up your very early winter season day. To “link” this knot, straightforward lay it across the rear of your neck so that each end of the headscarf hangs equally.

Learn more about styling cashmere wraps and shawls here.

light brown check cashmere wrap

Take your headscarf Once Around. The Once Around provides a bit with a lot more warmth for your neck, making it more suitable for breezy or windy days. Lay your scarf across the rear of your neck to make sure that the ideal side is longer than the left, then take the long side throughout the front of your body, around your neck, as well as return it to hold on the appropriate side.

Here Lisa models a beautiful cashmere scarf:

We love this twisted silhouette since it oozes road style, yet is so useful! The beefy knit cozies approximately your neck so winter drafts are no suit.

  1. Take the scarf and fold it in fifty percent lengthwise.
  2. Fold it in fifty percent again and keep your hand in the loop that is created.
  3. With your hand in the loophole, placed the headscarf around your neck.
  4. Take one of the two ends as well as pull it through the loop.
  5. With the second loose end, cover it over and under the loop in the contrary direction. Pull to tighten somewhat around the neck.

Here is more info on that technique:

If your headscarfs are taking on your night-out look, make it a component of your ensemble rather. This Western-inspired cover includes interest to a sheath gown, or perhaps jeans and a T-shirt.

  1. Fold up the scarf right into a square.
  2. After that, fold up the square in fifty percent diagonally so it turns into a triangular.
  3. Toss the headscarf around your neck with the factors of the triangle encountering forward.
  4. Connect both ends in a knot at the back.

Want to bump up the style factor on an or else boring midi outfit? Grab a headscarf, a coordinating belt as well as in simply a few seconds you can transform your tedious outfit with an on-trend vest– that you really did not even require to get!

  1. Collect scarf lengthwise.
  2. Drape the scarf over your shoulders so it hangs uniformly on both sides.
  3. Twist your preferred belt around the tiniest part of your waist.
  4. Don’t neglect to align both sides … as well as tada!

Here are how to tie a blanket scarf:

Rattan Bistro Sets for Intimate Outdoor Dining

Garden bistro set forms part of garden furniture. It is simply a round table, its height usually is 1 meter, with a 60 cm width, it is accompanied with two chair sets.

Garden bistro set is specially made for small spaces and for close dining. This makes it perfect for gardens and patios.    Its origin is chic cafes, Paris, they were used for outdoor dining that is on pavements with limited spaces.

As from the past, today they are still perfect for close dining, a relaxing time, especially during summer holidays. The fact that it also takes a small space is a plus for those with limited spaces.   Furniture designers have spoilt the lovers of these perfect outdoor furniture with a number of choices. They are made from various materials such as metals, plastics and even wood.

Purchasing Rattan Garden Bistro Sets Online in the UK

This allows the buyer to choose that which suits, depending on various factors like storage or may be if it shall be permanently placed outside.    Metallic bistro sets ought to be the most preferred and not plastic nor Woodley, since they are durable. They cannot easily brake, metals too are able to survive the outdoor challenges such as whether. For more information on weatherproof bistro sets, see the video below:

While choosing a bistro set, it is advisable to go for that set which matches your style. It should complement your garden look as it adds more stylish look to it. This is to range in terms of color to design theme.   They do have different price range. This is because of the material use, the design and style. The following are the best resources on garden bistro sets, so there is  this Government article, and weatherproof rattan bistro sets, and also this article on the BBC.

One should therefore go for that which suits his or her wallet.   In deed the garden bistro sets are ideal for outside spaces. This enables it to provide quite a number of benefits, below are some of its benefits.

1. Intimate dining

For an intimate dining of two, with peace and romantic time. Going for a bistro set would be perfect, especially for a couple who wishes to have some outdoor moments.

2. Breaks the boredom

Staying indoor might sometimes be boring, especially during summer. Having a garden bistro set would allow you to break the boredom, by allow a perfect moment in the garden.

3. For privacy

In case of a large family, or a large gathering, say in door. The need for private conversation between two people is very suitable at the bistro set. The fact that the set comprises of two chairs lock any third party out.

This makes it perfect for a having private conversation away from the rest.

Further References

Here are some more links on the topic to help you understand garden bistro sets better:

Did You Prefer Student Houses or Student Halls at University?

Choosing student accommodation was always a bit of a mission. So much loss aversion going on that I could barely decide where to start. And the lack of priorities in later years makes it inevitable that you end up with slim pickings on houses.

However let’s just say that I loved my time at University, and every single place I stayed turned out to be a brilliant home for a year.

I’ll go into a bit behind my preference below.

Which type, Student Halls or Student Houses?

I went to University in Sheffield (Go Sheff Uni!), and I always preferred the student housing in my later years, because it felt a bit more private and traditional, and it allowed me to focus on my studies a little more.

*Just a little plug for the house I stayed in, I highly recommend Strawberry Student Homes if you’re going to Sheffield and want to stay near Eccy Road!

However I know plenty of people who much preferred halls of residents such as Ranmoor, and I can totally see why. The social scene at places like that is incredible, there’s always a party going on and you’re never more than a minute away from a friends flat to grab a drink and catch up. They can also be a great way to meet like minded people in your first year.

I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on which one you preferred, or perhaps you’re a student, if so which one have you chosen this year?

Author: Sarah Johnson

How To Get The Best Loan For Your Next Big Garden Project

Now I’m far from being a financial advisor, but from doing a little bit of research online, it seems that the type of loan you need to be able to upgrade your outdoor space is something called a home improvement loan.

These sort of loans can range in value, but I’ve found the comparison of home improvement loans on to be fantastically simple and easy to understand, allowing you to choose the best deal for your credit rating and the amount you wish to borrow.

How Much Money Do You Need To Improve Your Garden?

The amount you need to borrow to improve your garden or patio space really depends on how “big” you’re going to go. If you wanted to make improvements on the patio itself, you may be able to get a new one laid for under £2,000, but if you want to invest in new garden furniture, new planting arrangements, a new turfed lawn, patio lighting, perhaps a large awning to protect from the sun, and even a new shed, you could be looking at £15,000+ to get it all done, and so getting a loan will be the only option available for the majority of people.

The moral of the story is, work out your budget before applying, and show the reasoning behind the amount in your application.

Can anyone get a home improvement loan?

Yes there are no limits on who can apply and receive a home improvement loan. However the amount you can borrow and the interest rate you get will be dependent on your credit history, and whether or not your want to put security down to match the loan value. For example you could get an unsecured loan of up to £50,000 with a representative APR of 3.4% if you have a good credit rating.

About The Best Loans Website Mentioned

Like I previously mentioned, I really enjoyed the comparison provided at the Best Loan’s website, with a simple layout that made it really easy to figure out what I needed to know.

You can find out more about them using the details below:

Best Loans Group
Electric Works Serviced Offices, Sheffield Digital Campus
South Yorkshire
S1 2BJ
0114 3190937
[email protected]

How to Analyse a Website To Increase the Google Search Engine Rankings in 2018

This post is based upon a larger piece titled: SEO Audit – Basic to Advanced Guide for 2018, Examples & Checklist PDF by Matt Jackson

Now on with the analysis.

What is an SEO Audit?

An SEO audit is how you analyse the problems and the opportunities of a website within its industry and outside it in Google. It can often look at a variety of different problems, including on website problems and off website problems.

These can range from technical, or code based changes, or semantic changes. They even relate to strategy changes in terms of how the approach of the website works within search. They can be a great way to prioritise existing problems to identify the best solution possible moving forward.

Why do SEO audits help your website?

An SEO audit can help your website by identifying the key areas where it lacks within Google, and how to optimise it for better rankings. This in turn will provide more free traffic to the website, and therefore generate new leads for the business which could help them make more money and thrive.

How do audits differ from local and ecommerce SEO?

There are several differences between a local audit and an E commerce audit which you may not be aware of. A local audit often involves what is called a citation audit, which involves looking at mentions of the business name, address, and phone number. These citations must be consistent with their information, and therefore an audit will analyse how consistent these citations are, and what should be done to make them better. Any commerce audit will look at things such as cannibal pages, product page related SEO, and duplicate content in relation to product filters.

What has changed in 2018 in SEO in general?

Over the last year the Google algorithm has moved towards a more automated, machine learning based approach than over the last 5 years. This in turn has led SEO to move to an even more user centric approach, with edits such as user engagement and satisfying the second click being of vital importance. This has been shown with countless Google algorithm updates, such as the Caffeine, Penguin and Panda updates.

2015 Information Regarding The UK Garden Furniture Online Retail Industry

Taking into consideration the recent buzz around Gardencentreshopping, we looked at exactly what makes their yard furniture range so special. In fact we found the choice to be greatly improved upon 2014, with Winawood ™ being the attract attention product.
Usually in online sectors, there is a reward to reduce the cost along with the high quality, in order to drive more sales, and with high ticket products such as outside furniture, this can be all as well alluring a method.
Fortunately much better merchants are ones that stick with the better, and for that reason have products that people like, which last a lifetime.

More garden furniture news

Browse this fantastic video on garden furniture here

New for 2015 Reclining Rattan furnishings now at Sapcote Garden Centre

You don't have to be uncomfortable in your yard from now on, with the now availablle new range of reclining rattan furniture available at Sapcote Garden Centre in the Leicester area

The above youtube animated video will certainly assist you acquire all of the information you require on producing the perfect setting for your exterior area, in addition to valuable suggestions on where to purchase this type of thing online.

reclining on youtube may also be of interest

This global garden, with many accents, suits its site

AS YOU PASS a palm tree on the dry slope leading up to the front door of Tory Galloway’s stucco house you might think you’re in the California desert. Round the corner of the veranda and change continents. Now you’re gazing down on a valley of eucalyptus groves and semi-exotic-looking plants. You’d never guess you’re about a mile from Puget Sound, near the seaside town of Indianola on the Kitsap Peninsula.

Such dislocation is quite intentional. Galloway orchestrates experiences as she plants her global garden. Walk down the slope, and you’ll stroll past a French sport court to a flowery English garden, with plenty of South American, Australian and New Zealand plants along the way. Each garden area is visually separated by banks of foliage dividing the property into separate rooms, or in this case, bioclimatic zones.

The former owner of Piriformis Nursery in Fremont, Galloway moved to the Kitsap Peninsula a decade ago with her partner, Trudy Jones. They were in search of more property to garden and the sense of community that Jones remembered from growing up in the area. They bought a 1921 Mediterranean-style home high on an acre of hillside. After they discovered the house was riddled with dry rot, they tore it down to the studs and started over. The home they resurrected on the same footprint is so faithful to the original house that some people thought they’d just painted the place.

“We came from a small Wallingford garden to an acre of nothing,” is how Galloway describes the garden transition. For the next three years her gardening consisted of layering chips over cardboard to smother out the grass and improve the soil. Was it daunting? “Oh no, we had a blast doing it,” says Galloway, who describes Jones’ role as “mostly a willing participant, a good weeder.”

Galloway’s inspiration to plant drought-loving plants comes from the property’s sandy soil, full-on sunshine and the Mediterranean style of the house. “The soil is pure sand, so I spread lots of horse manure for nutrients,” she says. “It’s tough love; I give the plants a huge drink when I plant, and that’s about it.”

The feel of the garden is pleasantly casual and meandering, with poppies sprouting up through the gravel terraces and massive clumps of deep burgundy barberries contrasting with the garden’s many shades of green. Rusty pieces of drainpipe and old farm machinery are placed here and there as accents. “All the mechanical things are rusty junk I used to sell at Piriformis,” says Galloway. “It’s mostly from Eastern Washington.”

The garden’s glory is its international palette of foliage plants with highly textured and variously colored leaves. Galloway’s current favorites are feathery leptospermums from Australia, which have so far escaped winter freeze damage. There are evergreen oaks, spiky Italian cypress and plenty of chartreuse euphorbia. A Chilean firebush (Embothrium coccineum) draws hummingbirds when it blooms hot orange in May. Bottlebrush shrubs (Callistemon spp.), also from Australia, bristle with brilliant blooms.

How does Galloway, who has been fighting cancer for nearly five years, take care of it all? “I made friends with a neighborhood arborist,” she explains. “Mulching with wood chips seals in moisture and keeps down weeds.” She gives plants room to grow to their natural size and shape, reducing pruning and transplanting chores. Easy-care, sturdy plants like the pewter-leafed Rosa glauca and barberries are repeated through the landscape. She emphasizes foliage over flower, spotting in color with vigorous plants like the ‘Pardon Me’ flame-orange day lily. She sites plants according to their needs, with eucalyptus, lavender and ceanothus thriving on the droughty hillsides, and blueberries growing in the damper spots.

Toward the bottom of the garden, Galloway built a long pergola from timbers salvaged from old outbuildings. Beneath the pergola is a gravel pétanque court, the more petite French version of a bocce-ball court. There’s also a little sitting area, a place to relax at night under the light-draped pergola and soak in the feeling of being submerged in the wilds of New Zealand.

Valerie Easton is a Seattle freelance writer. Check out her blog at Mike Siegel is a Seattle Times staff photographer.