I recently bought a new leather briefcase for work, and I’m chuffed with it! So it inspired me to write this blog post about the origins of the leather bag, and then my review below. Enjoy!

Why go with leather for a bag?

In the same way that some people feel driven to spend their time seeking the Loch Ness monster to confirm it’s actual, I like to seek affordable, high-quality clothes in neutral shades that the average person could pay for.

Black leather briefcase

These days, the video camera bag business is thriving, helped in no tiny part by the flourishing popularity of mirrorless systems. Some come in flashy, vivid colors, while others go for a more underrated strategy.

The History of Leather Bags in the UK

The origins of this innovative receptacle can be traced back to the 14th century, when very early versions made from cloth were used to transport cash and also valuables. It had not been till the 1820s, when Parisian manufacturer Godillot generated a carpeting bag with an iron frame, that the standard brief-case would take form.

It wasn’t always like this, however.

If you looked really hard, you would eventually find a bag that was the best size for your requirements, or one that really did not look awful. When it came to developing a camera bag style was, for the many component, an unnecessary factor.

How I Like to Organise My Work Bag

The objective is established after is one I can most definitely obtain behind: “less, much better” things for a much better, leaner wardrobe. Declutter, keep the good stuff, buy better things as well as purchase less of them.

If I lost mine, I would likely buy it again and also in the exact same shade without much wincing. Two various other staff members, Ellen as well as Connie, have also had experiences with Cuyana leather (one with the traveling case established as well as miniature tassel bag and also one with the backpack), as well as both concurred that the quality of the leather and knock-out simpleness of the style are standouts. We likewise agreed that color was required to state.

My Review of Von Baer UK Leather Briefcases

Here it is, my brand new leather bag from Vonbaer.com! The first thing you notice when you open the box is the smell and feel of the leather, as I understand they use real full grain leather (also organic) for their products which is much more durable, and the black packaging just oozes quality.

The inner leather compartments are lined really well, using soft cloth with padding to protect my laptop as well. I need to store my notes in my briefcase as well as pens and laptop cables, so this larger model works really well for me.

I’m planning on using this everyday, which mean having the convenience of a strap was also essential. This Master No 3 model makes this very very easy. I highly recommend choosing Von Baer UK for a leather bag, or even a belt or wallet!