Massive 2018 Updates, and How the Garden Furniture Market Is Evolving Into the New Year

The new range of reclining garden chairs are available from the same store and they are incredible! They include rocking armchairs too, all from the same durable weatherproof rattan furniture.


Last year we wrote the piece below on how garden benches are changing in the light of new technological breakthroughs such as the Winawood range. However this time we are seeing a resurgence of innovation in all types of garden furniture, including rattan, reclining and weatherproof furniture.

Updated on the 24th of July 2019

We highly recommend you visit their site to find out more information.

How the Winawood™ garden bench is changing the face of the UK’s gardens for 2015 and beyond.

There is a new piece of garden furniture on the market, it looks like wood, it feels like wood, but what do you know, it isn’t actually made from wood.

It’s Winawood™, an innovative new material that has been created using excess materials from the process of making polystyrene, and has resulted in garden furniture that looks authentic, but is completely weather proof.

The benefits of Winawood™ benches

I’m sure, like me, you have spent hours oiling your tatty old garden benches, just to find that they need redoing a month down the line. It really frustrates me, as wooden furniture just doesn’t seem to last outside, and the alternative is usually a horribly modern looking synthetic piece, that doesn’t fit into my garden style.

That is why I was so thrilled when I found out about Winawood™!

It has a built in grain effect, that makes it rough to the touch, and adds natural lines through the material, as if it was real wood grain! I particularly like the teak coloured bench, as it appears a lot more natural than the brown, or duck egg green variety.

Online Sellers of Winawood™ Garden Benches

Shown below, is my favourite Winawood™ bench on offer, and I gladly purchased it online a couple of weeks ago. It looks very robust, and the teak effect fits into my garden really nicely. It is a 3 seater bench, and has the thick slats (known at the Original range), and only cost me around £200.

Winawood™ Outdoor Benches
Winawood™ Outdoor Benches

I purchased my garden bench online from Gardencentreshopping, and they gave me great support all through the buying process, especially as I wasn’t sure whether the bench would fit my garden space perfectly. They were also helpful in referring me to someone who could fix my bench down to the ground to keep it safe.

Other Winawood™ Garden Bench Resources

There are some other places I found limited information on the Winawood™ brand online, some are included below. There is limited availability online, as the bench range is fairly new, so many of the major retailers haven’t been interested in Winawood™. It really is the perfect option for those who don’t like maintaining their furniture (like me), but still want a really classic looking piece to go in their simple garden. I have found, after many years of hard work, that simple styles in your garden are the best for an understated look, and simple grasses and trees work beautifully with teak or brown coloured furniture, much better than the harsh black colour of a lot of synethetic garden furniture.